Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Family Gathering Memory

Truthfully, I don't have a memory in which my whole family has been gathered together but I do have some other memories in which there have been gatherings involving part of the family. There was this Christmas more than 10 years ago that I still remember. There was a gathering with my mom's part of the family in which we all passed a nice time in one of my aunt's house.
Add VideoMy siblings and I were very small but we did have lots of fun with our other cousins. The reunion also involved family friends and many other people. It was like a big party with so much food. Then, the presents and gifts were amazing too. We all recieved tons of incredible toys and candies. The adults seemed to have a wonderful time too. I remember this gathering in particular because it was one of the few times my family got together due to a holiday. When I try remembering a time I spent with all my cousins, it's that Christmas day. We all had an incredible evening.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choosing my tree

I chose this tree for my family tree project because since the moment I saw it, I fell for it. In my opinion, it is simple yet unique and shows outstanding beauty. It depicts a very cozy feeling with the tiny pretty birds in it, and also due to its attractive leaves in the shape of hearts. The illustration definitely expresses happiness in an extremely aesthetic way. Moreover, my family isn't so numerous, therefore this little tree is perfect for it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Social Media a Fad?

We just saw a youtube video called Social Media Revolution. It contained extremely impacting stuff that makes you realize how advanced we are in technology. It is simply amazing how our world has gone so far regarding social networking. It has developed with such a velocity its just unbelievably scary. Social networking has reached so many millions of people globally; what a way of connecting our world together.

I am tremendously involved in social media. I have joined a number of social networks (Facebook, Myspace, etc) these past years and I use the Internet every single day. I confess I can't be in a computer without opening Messenger or Facebook. Also Google, Yahoo and Youtube have conquered my daily life. I confess I even watch movies and soap operas via Internet. I also have numerous e-mail accounts and have joined all sorts of web pages. In the present day, I feel as if life would not be the same without Internet; it has become a necessity.

There are countless advantages and benefits in social media but there are also many dangers involved. Hackers and criminals also have access to Internet and use it unwisely and in harmful ways. There have been incidents in which people steal money through Internet, find personal information about people, kidnap them and more. I can protect myself by not going to doubtful sites and places that seem unsafe, and not giving my personal information anywhere I don't trust. Also in my social networks, particularly Messenger, I'd protect myself by not accepting or adding anyone I don't personally know. Our education should definitely be modernized in order to help us be prepared for this world that's dominated by so much social media.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my 1st blog (:

OK. This is the first time I ever use a blog so I am definitely just a beginner and do not know much about it. I believe this is a personal page in which you can share anything you want particularly with the people around you. I expect we will be using blogs more for school purposes but also to express more about ourselves and be able to know each of our classmates and friends better. I created my blog as a school assignment and it was really easy and I admit it was even fun. Today we created a BlogList in which all my classmates and me had to get our addresses together without speaking or standing up, but everything was sorted out quite fast thanks to wonderful Facebook.

My Love <3

My Love <3