Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unbelieavable Invention

We just watched "Prenav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology" and I was completely shocked with such an incredible invention. This new emerging technology is just fabulous and genius. When I was watching all the characteristics and functions of it I was totally amazed and thought that I would definitely like to use one of those. This new technology is so handy and useful in an infinite number of ways. Connecting the digital world with the physical world makes everything so much easier, interacting, and almost perfect.

I feel the greatest things about the technology are how it connects the digital world with real life; how you can physically do things being connected to a digital media. It is unbelievable how you can have access to so much information with just using your fingers and connecting the whole world with anything you do. You can be aware of absolutely everything you do, and make it better in all ways. I really loved how by just touching some objects such as your hand you can see a clock, or touching a book and you can know about it. When I saw how he read a newspaper and by just touching it, he could have access to videos and see life in paper. I also liked when he could copy and paste real life objects to the computer. Personally I did not see any limitations to this great invention; I just found its benefits.

At the end of the video, this genius inventor said that it is quite cheap to make and that he will be sharing his software via Open Source. "Open Source" is a term I am not very familiar with, but it is a way of sharing the product with the public; giving access to the object's invention (its process in making/materials). It is actually giving access to the source code. I believe the pro of sharing software in this way is that people all around the world will have an easier access to it. It will not be an extremely expensive device that only rich people will have; it will have more accesibility. It will be produced in greater amounts, so there exists a possibility we will be able to have it in some years. On the other hand, the cons of having it in this manner is that the author of such a great invention won't benefit as much as he could in other ways.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We just saw some commercials in the Internet that were very funny, touching and most of them really amazing. I really liked them a lot. I think that was so because they contained very important messages that stuck in your head while watching it, and because some of them were very funny and caught your attention. Another commercial that had a profound effect on me was one I saw many years ago from It was about a girl buying a kiss from a boy online, and even though the idea sounds stupid, it was the cutes commercial I had seen. It is incredible we can find it nowadays even in Youtube:

Some elements I am going to use in my own commerical are:
Nice background music, a meaningful message and some funny parts. I think my major challenges will be getting words and music into the video. Basically almost everything will be a challenge for me, except the filming part which will be quite easy.

My Love <3

My Love <3